Rotterdam Zuidplein pedestrian route

As mobility partner, Q-Park goes beyond just providing parking. We actively participate in planning how both motorists and pedestrians can access parking facilities.

At this site in the south of Rotterdam, the existing underground car park and the new extension are located under a shopping centre and office complex. There is a public transport hub on one side with metro and bus stops, and a hospital on the other.

In the past, when the shopping centre was closed, people walking between the hospital and the bus/metro stations had to take a narrow and poorly lit path around the exterior of the shopping centre.

Q-Park played an active role in redesigning the pedestrian access routes. By moving the car access and exit lanes to the side, an area was created for a spacious walkway which also connects Q-Park Zuidplein 1 with the new Q-Park Zuidplein 2 car park. Pedestrians can now enjoy this wide and well-lit walkway between the hospital and public transport hub 24/7.

For this ongoing redevelopment, Rotterdam municipality is working together with developers and construction companies. The aim is to create a community centre for the south of Rotterdam with many amenities where people can live, work and relax in pleasant surroundings. Pedestrian safety as well as sufficient car parking capacity is an important part of this development.

Figure 6 Rotterdam Zuidplein well-lit walkway