Student Award

Q-Park wants to engage with all layers of society. It’s part of being both diverse and inclusive. The Student Award brings young people into the equation. Q-Park held its annual Thought Leadership and Student Award event in November 2022.

What is the Q-Park Student Award?

Together with the Erasmus University Rotterdam, Q-Park established the Student Award in 2014. Prizes are awarded for bachelor or master projects related to parking and sustainable mobility challenges. Theses may be written in English or Dutch, at a college or university in Europe.

The Award aims to increase understanding about parking and mobility. Students have a fresh outlook and can help unravel some of the mysteries of urban mobility. When setting up the award, we sought to bridge the considerable gap between research and practitioners in the sector.

Thought Leadership event and Student Awards

Besides being an informal industry networking event, it is also an opportunity to hear what thought leaders have to say about the future of mobility and parking.

In recent years presentations were given by:

  • Carlo van de Weijer, Managing Director of Eindhoven AI Systems Institute (EAISI) at TU Eindhoven and a smart mobility expert.

  • Frank Quix, Managing Director of Q&A Insights & Consultancy and a retail expert.

  • Larissa Suzuki, Technical Director, Office of the CTO at Google.

Award collection

We have collated the winning Q-Park Student Awards since 2014 into a separate publication. You can access our Student Award collection here. Are you interested in working together with Q-Park and advancing knowledge about parking and mobility? Find out more about becoming a partner!