Health & Safety

Q-Park promotes the health and safety of customers and employees. We achieve this mainly by training our employees, equipping them for their work, and by creating a safe and healthy working environment.

Every year, we receive millions of visitors in our parking facilities at all hours of the day. Unfortunately, it is inevitable that our employees will encounter aggressive or inappropriate behaviour. We do everything we can to ensure their well-being.

  • We offer conflict management training.

  • We have CCTV monitoring.

  • Our Parking Attendants who issue control fees have a ‘direct contact’ button on their GSM.

We consider the well-being of our employees to be a key sustainability issue. For this reason, we now report quarterly on the number of incidents involving employees as well as the resulting lost days.


Table 3 Number of incidents and lost days




Total number of incidents




Total number of lost days




Total number of employees




The incident ratio (number of incidents per employee) is just under 3.9%.

Please note that Health & Safety risk assessments are always the starting point for preventing avoidable incidents and lost days. We conduct different risk assessments for parking facilities, as well as for Parking Hosts and Parking Attendants, who issue control fees. The assessments help us to prioritise relevant actions aimed at preventing and reducing risks. We inspect equipment, and employees receive relevant information and training.

However, risk assessment and training cannot always prevent an incident occurring, for example, where colleagues are involved in accidents caused by third parties. We endeavour to train new colleagues as soon as possible after joining the company.