Customer satisfaction

Google reviews

For some years now, all Q-Park countries are using the same platform designed to improve online visibility and the relationship with customers. It gives customers the opportunity to leave comments about a business they have visited, and it gives us a clear dashboard on our performance and provides feedback where appropriate.

A Google review includes giving a score from one star (poor performance) to five stars (excellent service). Google reviews can be a useful customer feedback tool, as they:

  • improve search ranking and online exposure;

  • increase trust, credibility and provide feedback;

  • influence purchase decisions, improve click-through rates and convert more customers.

Figure 24 Google review dashboard

Another advantage of the platform is that we can:

  • automatically broadcast our parking facility information in the main directories, GPS, search engines, social networks and opinion websites;

  • centralise the customer reviews received and identify whether they come from Google, TripAdvisor or Facebook;

  • report on reviews, analyse them and respond from a single interface.

Paid parking by definition triggers some customer dissatisfaction overall, so we are aware that obtaining a 5-star rating is a bit much to ask. We do however aim to stay at or above a 3.5 rating average. Over 2022 our rating went down from 3.7 in 2021 to 3.6 in 2022 but we gained more feedback which is valuable too.


  • 816 (2021:779) Q-Park entities listed.

  • 14,846 (2021: 12,631) Google reviews received.

  • Google Review Rating is 3.6 (2021: 3.7).