Changes in CSR reporting

GRI 2021

We report in accordance with GRI 2021 and have included the GRI 2021 table in the Overviews section. In previous years we reported in accordance with GRI 2016.

Energy consumption

We use energy consumption from our measured Owned + Long-Leased (incl. concession contracts) parking facilities (O+LL PFs), and extrapolate to derive the total energy consumed by our entire O+LL PFs portfolio. We have recalculated our energy consumption and GHG emissions for 2020, 2021 and 2022 accordingly.


Market-based emissions calculations

We use market-based emissions calculations. These reflect our initiatives to source green energy, as opposed to our previous location-based reporting which only considered grid averages.

Energy consumed by EV charging points

We deduct the energy consumed by our EV charging points and their carbon footprint respectively, as this impact belongs to our downstream value chain. This is now attributed to Scope 3.

Conversion factors

We use AIB total supplier mix factors instead of DEFRA factors for location-based kgCO2/kWh, for all countries in which we operate except for the UK. We use AIB 2021 factors for the years 2021 and 2022, and AIB 2020 factors for 2020 for the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Ireland and Denmark.

Rational for these conversion factor choices:

  • The AIB total supplier mix factors are preferred (by the GHG Guidance Scope 2) as they include the net physical energy imports/exports.

  • The AIB total supplier mix factors are very reliable for EU countries whereas DEFRA appears to be more reliable for the UK.