EV Charging Programme

With many car parks at strategic urban locations, Q-Park plays a key role in facilitating EV charging for our customers. The rising penetration of EVs and PHEVs in car fleets is increasing demand for charging infrastructure.

In 2021, Q-Park launched its EV Charging Programme to substantially increase the number of EV charging points in its owned and long-leased parking facilities (O+LL PFs) by the end of 2024. The programme has now run its first full year and impressive progress has been booked with the associated EUR 30-40 million investment plan.

Partnerships established

Early in 2022, Q-Park signed agreements with CPOs for EV charging in its parking facilities across Europe. The partnerships are designed to ensure ownership, rapid deployment, professional day-to-day management and solid performance of the electric vehicle (EV) charging points (CPs).

Figure 17 CPOs - Charge Point Operators


The EV Charging Programme scope has been defined to meet commercial demand, local requirements and national legislation. However, its progress is impacted by:

  • time required to conduct a site survey;

  • procurement lead times;

  • labour shortages;

  • availability of installation parts;

  • time between installation, certification and commissioning.

Keeping track of kWh

As we provide more EV charging points in our parking facilities, more energy is consumed. Up to 2021 this has simply been added to our total energy consumed.

This year we've made sure to properly measure and report energy consumed by EV charging. This enables us to differentiate between the energy we provide for EV charging and the energy we consume for operating our parking facilities.

Ensuring visibility

Unlike refuelling a vehicle with an ICE, which only takes a few minutes, charging an EV can take up to 8 hours. EV owners use a combination of apps and route planners to help plan where and when they can recharge their electric vehicle.

Part of our EV Charging Programme includes ensuring the visibility of EV charging points online as well as in our parking facilities. Besides information in our own online commercial offerings, websites and parking app, we continuously improve online visibility on a variety of platforms and develop marketing opportunities.

In the meantime, we are introducing new light-blue signage and floor markings for EV charging spaces.


For our 2022 results, please visit the Services section in this report.

Figure 18 EV charging floor markings

Figure 19 EV charging way finding