How we create value

Creating value

The value we create for our stakeholders can be directly traced back to our business model. Our financial results ensure we can continue to create value for society in the long term by improving the accessibility and quality of life in urban areas.

We create value for shareholders, investors, landlords, municipalities, mobility and commercial partners, customers and communities, as well as for our employees. Ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders is vital to ensure that their interests and needs are represented in the choices we make.

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Strengthening our position

We maintain and strengthen our position by remaining alert to new developments and responding with forward-looking strategies:

  • We aim to gain substantial benefit by utilising our scale of operations and market position.

  • We want to increase the margins on our operating activities by focusing on efficiency.

  • We seek to support cities in achieving their sustainable urban mobility plans (SUMPs) by positioning ourselves as their Sustainable Mobility Partner.

  • We focus on increasing our market share through acquisitions and different types of lease and management contracts.

Impact on society

Our aim in society is to be an integral part of SUMPs and to work towards sustainable freedom of mobility and increased liveability in urban areas. We achieve this through adopting a fair pricing policy, providing actual and relevant information, partnering with sustainable mobility providers, growing our EV charging infrastructure and integrating our parking facilities with alternative modes of transport.

  • We create sustainable value for society with our parking products: they help improve urban liveability and reduce air pollution generated by traffic cruising for a place to park.

  • We add value by providing functional services and digital solutions.

Value creation model

Our value creation model is a visualisation of our reinforcing loop and of how we grow as a company by creating value for society and the environment – from which we derive our licence to operate.

The core of our value creation model is formed by our vision, mission, strategies, activities and the customer groups we serve.

The value creation process consists of three elements:

  • determining what value we can offer our customers (the 'value customer receives');

  • determining what value we receive from our customers (the 'value organisation receives');

  • successfully managing this value exchange.

With our value creation model, we aim to provide insight into our efforts, from capital input to long-term impact, serving our stakeholders and society at large. It shows the values we can provide and the impact we have on sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Reporting processes and data quality

We continually endeavour to simplify the reporting process and make this more efficient. Our KPIs are well-defined and our back-office systems allow us to extract more and more relevant information. This increases the data quality and reduces the effort required from our country organisations to complete our CSR reporting.

In the following sections we report on our results over 2022 and where we have the data available, we show comparable results from previous years.

Figure 7 Value creation model