Parking in urban areas

Off-street parking facilities have a positive impact on the quality of life in urban areas and in large cities in particular. After all, a city is more attractive if it is easily accessible while having fewer cars parked on streets and town squares. With our parking facilities and services, we contribute to the accessibility of vital functions.

Some visitors prefer to travel as close as possible to their final destination by car and are willing to pay for that service, others opt for a journey including Park+Ride or Park+Walk.

Inner-ring purpose-built parking facilities particularly enhance accessibility while maintaining mobility and access for all. They reduce inner-city search traffic and on-street parking which, in turn, improves the liveability for residents and visitors alike.

With purpose-built parking facilities at varying distances from the city centre and with varying parking tariff schemes, Q-Park contributes to:

  • accessibility to amenities such as public transport, hospitals, shops and events;

  • decreasing traffic searching for a place to park;

  • freeing up public space for urban parks and town squares;

  • creating opportunities to reduce on-street parking;

  • nudging motorists to make informed choices;

  • creating sustainable parking solutions;

  • decreasing subsidised parking, by pursuing the 'user pays' principle.


  • We operate in seven Western European countries: Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, UK, Ireland and Denmark.

  • We are present in more than 330 cities.

  • We manage a total of:

    • 3,460 parking facilities

    • 677,979 parking spaces

Our off-street portfolio consists of:

  • 796 parking facilities

  • 334,779 parking spaces