Q-Park app

As sustainable mobility partner, Q-Park has not only made a transformation in the physical world by adapting parking facilities into multifunctional mobility hubs. Q-Park has also been at the forefront of digital transformation with its Commercial & Digital Programme. Part of this programme and worth giving it a bit more attention is the Q-Park app.

The Q-Park app has reached maturity. It is a digital solution for individual customers as well as for partner organisations. With the app, we offer a digital Parking & Payment solution in one, adding season ticket options and access and identity management with a Quick Response (QR) code.

Figure 21 Q-Park app

In 2022, we launched two important updates to the app. Customers can now enjoy the Q-Park experience wherever they park. Customers park based on their number plate i.e. fully contactless. The new features are:

  • in the Netherlands and Belgium – digital payment by connecting bank account details;

  • in the Netherlands – on-street parking throughout the country, for a quick errand or a visit to the doctor;

    • the app recognises the nearest on-street payment machine and connects the default number plate;

    • payment is taken automatically, customers no longer have to walk to the on-street payment machine;

    • the app provides insights into relevant regulations and keeps users informed on their parking status.

The app offers our customers a better parking experience:

  • helps find the most convenient car park;

  • ANPR contactless access, raising the barrier at the access and exit;

  • no ticket, no touch, no cash and no queues;

  • insight into parking transactions;

  • start and stop on-street parking in the app.

The app expands and integrates our digital parking experience. This is not a one-off project – it’s a continuous development and the result of strategic choices and developments initiated several years ago to help keep Q-Park in its market leader position.