Strategic locations

We capture value through our portfolio of purpose-built and off-street parking facilities (PFs) at strategic locations: in or near multifunctional inner-city areas, at public transport interchanges, and at hospitals.

In cities where we operate five or more car parks, we become a highly efficient parking operator and profound mobility partner. We can then engage in meaningful dialogue with other parking and mobility partners, including:

  • providers of parking route information systems;

  • urban planners on capacity and routing traffic;

  • landlords to efficiently operate their car parks;

  • shared mobility and public transport providers;

  • parking tariff policy makers.

With our integrated and connected expertise, municipalities can take multiple measures to:

  • reduce traffic searching for a place to park;

  • improve air quality and reduce emissions;

  • provide for sufficient parking capacity and proper usage, both on and off-street;

  • create a more liveable urban environment.


We have 51 cities with five or more PFs.