Commercial & Digital Programme

Over the past few years we have invested considerably in our digital services. Our Commercial & Digital Programme has enabled us to focus on developing the most impactful commercial digital solutions that support our business, partners and customers today.

Supported by our digital ecosystem PaSS, we offer pre-booking options and tailored partner propositions. We also provide information regarding parking tariffs and payment options, car park capacity, navigation, availability of EV charging and other services.

Our Commercial & Digital Programme helps:

  • reduce the hassle of parking with a seamless, contactless, queue-less customer journey;

  • reduce search traffic during a customer's physical journey and close to their destination;

  • reduce paper tickets and receipts, plastic access cards, and cash;

  • reduce queues at access and exit barriers;

  • highlight off-street parking options and enabling urbanisations to reduce inner-city congestion;

  • gather (operational) data and data analytics to improve our operational excellence.

PaSS is our key

PaSS incorporates relevant information for our business, partners and customers, ANPR, and cashless and contactless payments. It enables pre-booking and parking rights are managed via the Q-Park Fleet Portal and our App.

There is no need for plastic access cards, special tokens or paper tickets. No need to go to the payment machine, and a QR code or PIN opens the pedestrian door.

Q-Park has made this functionality available to partners via an API or URL. The API solution is for parking service providers such as ParkMobile, EasyPark, 4411 and Skipr. The URL solution is for purpose partners who want to offer parking as part of their customer proposition or for cities who want to have integrated mobility offerings.

Figure 20 Q-Park PaSS – our digital ecosystem


  • Our proprietary PaSS ecosystem is now live in all countries in which we operate, in 368 parking facilities (2021: 204).

  • Our pre-booking transactions have more than doubled, turning more and more search traffic into destination traffic.

  • Our PaSS transactions have more than doubled, reaching almost 7% of all our parking transactions.